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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

National bibliographies are cumulated records of a nation’s publishing output and are usually published regularly by national bibliographic agencies in accordance with international standards and guidelines. They are closed related to legal deposit.

For publishers
Commercial or non-commercial publishers benefit from national bibliography, namely for market and competition analysis and as a way of publicising their products.

For booksellers
Booksellers can identify and select publications through the national bibliography and improve the information given to their customers.

For libraries
Libraries can use national bibliography for selection and acquisition purposes, for cataloguing activities, for reference or for supporting decisions on preservation and digitisation priorities.

For official statistics
Organisations working with statistical data, especially in cultural sectors, can take relevant information from the national bibliography, as they reflect the nation’s publishing output.

For end-users in general
In national bibliographies end-users can identify, select and retrieve publications published in a country. They can usually search authors and contributors, titles, subjects and publishers and may reuse records to build their own bibliographies.

The Portuguese National Bibliography includes publications published in Portugal and delivered in the National Library as legal deposit only. It does not include all publications and documents held in the collections of the National Library, which we can find through its catalogue.

Yes, selecting the option “export data” and then RIS. You also may save, print and send search results by email.

Yes, you may export the national bibliography records in MarcXchange, ISO2709 and ISO2709 for xISIS.

The Portuguese National Bibliography contains books and serial publications delivered in the National Library as legal deposit.

In the Portuguese National Bibliography we only find periodicals whose first number was published after 2002. For information about a periodical lifetime please go to the catalogue of the National Library of Portugal.

The Portuguese National Bibliography is a daily updated service, reusing bibliographic records created each day by the National Library of Portugal.