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The National Bibliography records the Portuguese publishing activity since 2002.

The home page contains records recently added to the National Bibliography (publications received in the National Library in the last two months), which can be accessed by choosing a subject or by selecting the highlighted item.

The Portuguese National Bibliography is organized by subject according to the UDC – Universal Decimal Classification.

This option allows users to search by publisher, and to see the set of titles published by a specific publisher.

By choosing “publication type” users can search by target audience (books for babies, children and juvenile literature), or by content/type of publication (comics, fiction, schoolbooks, etc.).

Users can also search the set of publications for children and juvenile audience by subject, under “Knowledge. Information. Institutions” / “Children and juvenile literature”.

In the case of serials, the date of the first published issue, or the date of the first issue received in the National Library under the Legal Deposit Law is used as reference date for the national bibliography. Therefore, there are serials currently still in publication, but not included in the National bibliography. For information regarding the temporal scope of publication of these serials consulting the general catalogue of the BNP is recommended.

By choosing “Search” users can access simple and advanced search. All searches can be limited by publication year.

By selecting a specific publication users view the record displayed in ISBD format, and there are several search options related to the entity described: by name of the author, of the publisher, of the series, by UDC subject, etc. Users can also view the record in NP405 display.

In addition, records can be displayed in UNIMARC format (text) and exported in MarcXchange, ISO2709, ISO2709 for xISIS and RIS format for reference managers. From the page of the detailed record users can access the same record in the main catalogue of the National Library and in the PORBASE union catalogue.